Under the PINC Top

A Fundraiser Benefiting the Resiliency Center

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About Our Event

Join PINC Fresno on May 28, 2022 from 5:30 to 11:00 p.m. for our 12th annual event, Under the PINC Top.  The event will take place at a private residence near Bullard and McCall in Clovis.  The night will feature dinner, drinks, a live auction, silent auction, dessert auction, carnival games, and entertainment from the Marie Wilson Band.  We look forward to you joining us as we raise funds for the Resiliency Center.  Please remember you must be 21 to join us. 

Resiliency Center

The mission of the Fresno Resiliency Center is to disrupt and heal emotional and generational trauma. The Resiliency Center works closely with the Fresno Police Department to take a proactive approach for children impacted by trauma. It is the only agency with access to calls for assistance made to the Fresno Police Department which allows Resiliency Center members to initiate contact with a hurting family within hours of a crisis event.  It also does not rely solely on on-site counseling services like traditional counseling agencies nor does it rely on a person experiencing trauma to recognize the need and reach out.  The Resiliency Center has been specifically designed to overcome those barriers that prevent children and families in trauma from getting the help they need.  The clients served at no cost to the families by the Resiliency Center include victims of domestic violence, child abuse and neglect, sexual offenses, assault, witnesses of violence or abuse, and those experiencing the death or illness of a loved one.  Through education, mentorship, and counseling, the Resiliency Center strives to break the cycle of trauma and prevent at-risk behavior such as runaways, gangs, addiction, homelessness, trafficking, and prison.

About PINC Fresno

Over the past 14 years, our group of Central Valley women have joined together to raise more than $850,000 to benefit local non-profit organizations that are dedicated to serving women and children. PINC, which stands for “Philanthropy Inspired by the Needs of our Community,” was founded in 2008 on the principle of helping meet the ever-evolving charitable needs of our community. The 70 service-oriented women of PINC embody the spirit of charity and are committed to giving back to the greater Central Valley community. Since our inaugural event in June 2009, the funds raised by PINC have benefited several non-profit organizations including Angel Babies of Hinds Hospice, Marjaree Mason Center, Make-A-Wish Foundation of Central California, Break the Barriers, Catholic Charities, Transitions Children's Services, Holy Cross Center for Women, Feed Our Future, Heart of the Horse Therapy Ranch, Valley Children’s Healthcare Oncology/Social Services Fund, Breaking the Chains, and Family Healing Center.


Analiese Domingos


Board of Directors

Lyndsie Russell – President

Kristen Mitchell - President Elect

Megan Meyers - Treasurer

Kat Penman - Secretary

Lauryn Flores - Director of Philanthropy

Hilary Haron - Advisory Chair

Erica Garcia- Service Chair

Shanyl Shuemake - Event Chair

Meagan Turner-Event Co-Chair New Member Liaison

Gina Zante, Katie McKoane - Social Media, Public Relations

Amy Prince - Honorary Involvement


Leadership, Chairs and Co-Chairs

Sponsorship - Lauryn Flores, Marissa Marzan

Live Auction - Savannah Beck, Sierra Heskett

Silent Auction - Amy Prince, Taylor Souza

Bar - Kelli Eldred, Macae Carter

Dessert - Katie McKoane, Sarah McKoane

Wine Pull - Maryleigh Swift, Amanda Hyde


Active Members

Alethea Pettebone, Allison Long, Amanda Hyde, Amy Prince, Bridgette Billingsley, Brynn Grady, Caitlyn Hustedde, Crystal Kelley, Cynthia Bare, Elizabeth James, Erica Garcia, Gabriella Lion, Gina Zante, Hilary Haron, Jenay Higginbotham, Jenelle Graham, Jennifer Gevorkyan, Jillian Jett, Jocelyne Hering, Kat Penman, Katie McKoane, Katie Villa, Kelli Eldred, Kristen Mitchell, Lauryn Flores, Lyndsie Russell, Macae Carter, Madison Santos, Makayla Soria, Marissa Marzan, Marissa Walberg, Maryleigh Swift, Meagan Turner, Megan Meyers, Milena Davoyan, Nicole Ensalaco, Renae Dent, Saige Heskett, Salena Dominguez, Samantha Leon, Sarah McKoane, Savannah Beck, Shanyl Shuemake, Sierra Heskett, Tasha Tayian, Taylor Rodriguez, Taylor Holland, Taylor Souza, Victoria LeMay


Associate Members

Christa Short, Chrystal Kruzic, BreAnne Ruelas, Joelle Falaschi, Katie Ferdinandi, Kristle Garton, Madison Medeiros, Molly Fagundes-Johnston, Nicole Jizmejian, Stephanie Costa



Breann Dias, Courtney Smittcamp, Rachel Madden, Sophia Kavalos



Ashley Hyatt, Andrea Visintainer, Ashley Webster, Brianne Lomas, Danielle Griffin, Delia Cholakian, Erin Salwasser, Kacey Gibson, Kirin Sran, Pamela Marsh, Savonna Coelho