The Jackson Center Presents:

Grape Escape 2023 - September 15 - 7pm The Sycamore at Mallow Run

Event Information


Date:  Friday September 15, 2023

Time:  Registration -- 6pm - 7pm

           Dinner 7:00 

Location:  Ticketed guests only

           The Sycamore at Mallow Run

           7070 Whiteland Road

           Bargersville, IN 46106

Attire: Casual - alma mater tailgate 


About the Jackson Center

Welcome to the Jackson Center's annual Grape Escape! Our mission is to help kids with cerebral palsy and other motor disorders achieve the highest quality of independent life. In a typical year, the Jackson Center serves between twenty and twenty-five children in thirty-six weeks of classes during the school year and a six-week summer camp. 

Since opening in 2005, the Jackson Center has served children from eighteen counties in Indiana as well as some students from neighboring states. We are the only conductive education program in Indiana! 

Thank you for joining us -- and for supporting the Jackson Center kids!

About Grape Escape

Meeting our Financial Goals 

Our goal for every child who attends the Jackson Center is for them to achieve their personal best. For some, that means improving their sitting, learning to feed themselves, taking steps with assistance or perhaps walking! For others, it is building the confidence simply to try new things as they work toward greater physical and academic success.

The Jackson Center Board places a high priority on providing services to our kids at rates that are affordable to most families. In some cases, it is necessary to assist families with scholarships. Grape Escape and other fundraising events help us achieve this goal. 

Grape Escape is our final and most significant fundraising event of the year. Proceeds from this event help us fill the "gap" between revenue already raised during the year to fund this unique program and the additional funds needed to meet our annual budget. 

On average, tuition paid by parents equates to less than one-half of the Jackson Center's annual expenses. This year's goal is to raise over $100,000 in net proceeds from Grape Escape to help sustain Jackson Center operations. 

Every child and family at the Jackson Center appreciate your support!


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